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Guarantees and Benefits of Our Service

10 reasons to choose RSE Italy


1) Easy and safe purchase

The customer can refine the purchase directly from site and buy by credit or debit card through a completely secure system protected by PayPal payment platform. You may also pay by bank transfer, or through a PayPal account, if you one available.


2) A free backpack, practical and comfortable, and a certificate of participation on beautiful parchment as a memory of the experience 

The customer - for purchases from € 99, 00 - will receive a free a  practical and comfortable backpack. In any package, regardless of the price, it is also included the delivery of a certificate of participation on beautiful parchment, as memory of the great experience. Two charming objects, one to be used for work or in your free time, and the other to be proudly exposed in your house or garage.


3) Wide choice of dates and racetracks, and also the Mugello and Sele circuits exclusively

The customer can choose among many dates a year, available in Italy's most famous racetracks, and almost all fixed on Saturday and Sunday or on public holidays. Moreover, RSE Italy is the only company that offers driving experiences with Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche at the Mugello and Sele circuits under exclusive agreements with Promoracing - Mugello and Sele Circuits


4) Long duration of gift certificates or vouchers

RSE Italy vouchers and gift certificates are valid for 12 months since the day of purchase. About the voucher, the experience of driving reservations, made before the deadline, will entitle the customer to receive the service also in a following date. Example: if the voucher expires on December 31st, 2017 the customer will simply have to book an event that will take place in any following month. About the gift certificate, you will have to use it for a purchase within 12 months since its issuance date. Example: if the gift certificate expires on December 31st, 2017, the customer will have to make a purchase within that date. You will then receive a voucher that - at choice of the customer - will be on fixed (if the buyer when purchasing has already decided when driving) or free date, and in this case will expire on December 31st, 2018 with the option of booking also on the last day before its expiration for an event that will take place in any following month.


5) Possibility to change gift packages in every way and at any time

You can buy in complete peace of mind, knowing that it won't be possible to make mistakes. The RSE Italy packages can always be changed with other ones, they can be increased by paying the difference, or transferred to other people. All without any time limit.  You can change racetrack, the car, and also the recipient of the benefit. All simply by notifying by mail or fax to the administration of Rse Italy.


6) Maximum security: all insurances included in the price

The recipient of the benefit will sit quiet and with peace of mind at the helm of the Italian supercar as RSE stipulates always adequate insurance (CDW and TPL). However, the customer is obliged to respect the safety regulations issued by the co-pilot, as anyone is always responsible, both from a civil and penal point of view, of the damage that results as a result of reckless behavior. For RSE Italy security is top priority!


7) Dream supercar and exclusive events, without traffic on the track

RSE Italy offers dream supercars. The most refined models of supercars followed in a scrupulous and constant way. Exclusive models of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world. With RSE Italy the customer will try the thrill of driving a dream supercar, not a prototype or of dubious origin vehicle, but a perfectly homologated vehicle for the 'road use. Moreover, RSE Italy operates only on exclusive and carefully selected days without traffic on the track for maximum safety and enjoyment of its customers.


8) A kind and caring service and always active call centers 

The RSE Italy Team will help the customer for every need. Written requests will be received at ensuring a rapid response in all the days of the year, including holidays. The call center will be operative at the number +39  06- 62286756 from Monday to Friday from 09.30 am to 1.30 pm and from 3.30 pm to 8 pm.


9) Free rain insurace and extending the 12-month validity of the voucher in case of event cancellation

It is offered free insurance for the recovery of the experience in case of adverse weather conditions. If the weather conditions are consedered dangerous for the safety of the participants, with the rain insurance by RSE Italy the activities will be postponed and retrieved on the first available date. The customer will not lose anything. The rain insurance also does not expire and will be applied to the dates when the experience has been eventually postponed. It is a very important gift, designed to allow the customer to perfect the purchase in total serenity. In addition, in case of the cancellation of the event, the validity of the voucher will be extended for other 12 months since the date deleted.


10) Very competitive prices

The RSE Italy packages are very competitive. However, in addition to offering the best prices ever, RSE Italy ensures excellent service and guarantees the highest quality standards, so that the customer can live an experience that really deserves to be remembered!