FAQ - Faq RSE Italia
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  • Is it possible to change the voucher or give it to third parties?

    Yes of course. It is possible to buy knowing there will be no mistakes. RSE Italia packages are always exchangeable with others, they can be increased by paying the difference, or given to other people. All without any limit of time. You can change racetrack, the car, and also the recipient of the benefit (provided that the beneficiary himself requests the transfer of the service in favor of another person). All this by simply notifying by mail to the management of RSE Italia.


  • Can the recipient of the gift be unaware of it until the day of the driving experience?

    Yes of course. RSE Italia convenes the recipient of the driving experience about 7 days before the chosen date. Until then, no communication will be sent to the gift recipient. However, if you to keep the recipient of the gift unaware until the last day, you must give written notification to info@rseitalia.it. Otherwise, the recipient of the gift will be regularly contacted 7 days prior to the convening in the circuit.


  • Can licensed young people drive supercars on the track?

    Yes, it is possible. RSE Italia on the track has suitable insurance for novice drivers as well. Therefore, it is sufficient to have a category B driving licence regardless of the date on which it was issued. All this, however, without any other limitations requiring specific adaptations to supercars. Please also read the FAQ "What license do I need to drive RSE Italia supercars?"

  • I received a RSE Italia “Supercar of your choice” voucher as a gift: how and when can I make my choice?

    RSE Italia offers for sale the "Supercar of your choice" Vouchers specifically for those who, having to make a gift, do not know the recipient's preferences or want him to choose which of the fantastic RSE Italia Supercars to carry out the experience.
    The choice will be made from a selection of fantastic Supercars, indicated on the site and reported in the Voucher itself. In any case, it will be possible to be helped in the choice by the RSE Italia consultants who respond to n. +390662286756. It is essential to choose and reserve the Supercar as soon as possible also to check its residual availability for the chosen event or the one for which you intend to request registration. The choice will be communicated by the Customer by writing an email to info@rseitalia.it and waiting for the reply from the RSE Italia operators. Up to the number of laps to go, even more Supercars can be chosen from those included in the offer and available.

    N.b. in case of lack of choice by the beneficiary of the service before calling the event, the Management will assign the Supercar among those still available, without the possibility of modification.

  • Is it possible to participate in the same hourly shift as another customer?

    Yes of course. However, RSE Italia cannot know the needs of its customers registered for an event and in particular if some of them, being friends, wish to live the experience together. Therefore it is essential that a specific request is received by e-mail (and only by e-mail, not by telephone) from one of the participants (at least 20 days before participation to help us satisfy it as much as possible) with the list of names and relative numbers of vouchers of those who request to be able to have assigned the same meeting time, which by terms and conditions is communicated by e-mail about 5-7 days before the date of participation, without the possibility of variation. Only in the case of very large groups the request will be managed but its acceptance cannot be guaranteed, as it may be necessary to place the Clients in two or more consecutive shifts.

  • What license do I need to drive RSE Italia supercars?

    To drive the supercars of RSE Italia you need a category B license and without any limitation code of any kind. Driving is not permitted for those who have licenses with limitation codes and/or who require any adaptations to the car. All this, not due to lack of availability on the part of the company but for reasons related to insurance regulations and mainly connected to the fact that the company has cars insured with policies that require a B driving license without any limitation of any kind and/ or nature.

  • Who drives the supercar?

    With the RSE Italia voucher, the beneficiary of the service will drive the supercar, as long as he has a valid driving license for driving in Italy. All this, always being supported by a professional instructor co-driver to carry out the driving experience in total safety.

  • What can I buy on RSE Italia website?

    You can buy the opportunity to make your dream come true or the dream of a friend coming true. It will be possible to buy a voucher that allows the recipient of the benefit to live driving experience on the track at the wheel of a supercar.You can choose the circuit, the speed and the type of car (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, all the latest models with wonderful performance). After the purchase of the voucher the customer will be able to choose the date of the experience (among the ones available) and the circuit. The customer could choose, if desired, the date of the experience also at the time of the purchase.Otherwise the customer can contact RSE Italia and arrange the date. The customer will also be able to buy a gift certificate of a certain value (for example 100 Euros) which could be used for any kind of purchase on the website. If it is purchased something with a major price of the value of the voucher/gift the customer will have to pay the difference. Once used the voucher the cutomer will recieve a voucher with the details of the driving experience chosen.

    The RSE Italia Voucher and the RSE Italia Gift Voucher are not-refundable.

    INFORMATION OBLIGATIONS: purchases made through the e-commerce platform www.rseitalia.it are guaranteed by the Consumer's Right of Withdrawal according to the provisions of the Consumer Code (Article 52 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 as amended by Legislative Decree no. .Lgs. 21/2014). The deadline for exercising the Right of Withdrawal remains the one established by law, i.e. 14 days from purchase.


  • What happens if I lose the voucher/gift card or if I don't bring it with me on the circuit?

    In case of loss of the voucher or gift certificate there will be no negative consequences for the customer. Once the reservation is made with RSE Italy (by phone or email), even if the customer does not take the voucher with him/her at the racetrack, he/she will be entitled to the benefit. RSE Italy takes care of its custmers all the time, providing all the necessary information for the performance. In case of loss of the voucher or gift certificate, contact our call center RSE Italy and the problem will be easily solved. NOTE: In case the voucher has been used by someone else, for example from someone who has fraudulently subtracted it from the rightful owner, there will be no refund for the customer.


  • What is exactly the gift certificate (from 50 euros to 1000 euros)?

    The Gift Certificate (https://www.rseitalia.co.uk/gift_certificates.asp) is equivalent to a credit equal to the amount paid (for example € 100) that the beneficiary can use to buy any voucher for a driving experience on the track of equal or even greater value but in this case having to pay the difference calculated by our purchasing system.
    With the Gift Certificate you can have a fantastic experience driving real racing cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio, Audi R8 V10 Performance-4, McLaren, Mercedes AMG GT-R PRO, Nissan GT-R and many others, in all the racetracks available on the website www.rseitalia.it.
    The gift certificate is valid for over 3 years. In fact, those who own it will be able to use it within 3 years to choose the driving experience they prefer from the RSE Italia website. The experience can then be lived in the following 3 years (total duration of the voucher 3 years + 3 years = 6 years). It will be sent by e-mail in pdf format - as soon as the purchase is completed - to the e-mail address indicated. It can be printed and delivered to the recipient in paper format or otherwise forwarded to the latter by e-mail.
    Those in possession of a Gift Voucher, to use it, at the time of purchasing any Voucher will only have to follow the few and very simple steps, typing the alphanumeric code of the Voucher shown in the coupon. The final price will be directly discounted by the relative value. The purchase system proposed by the https://www.rseitalia.co.uk/ site is, in any case, extremely practical and intuitive.
    Each Gift Voucher can be used for the purchase of only one Voucher. It will not be possible to use multiple Gift Vouchers (if you have more than one) for the purchase of the same Voucher.
    NOTE: If the Gift Voucher is used to a lesser extent than its value, there will be no restitution.


  • When does RSE Italy voucher expire?

    If the customer, during the purchase, hasn't chosen a date, RSE Italy voucher will have a validity of 36 months since its issue date. The customer with a simple request email to be forwarded before the expiration of the voucher (which, precisely, lasts basic 24 months), can extend it, for one time, by a further 12 months so that you can choose the date and the track in comfort. 

  • When does the RSE Italy gift certificate expire?

    The gift certificate is valid for over 3 years. In fact, those who own it can use it within 3 years to choose the driving experience they prefer from the RSE Italia website. The experience can then be lived in the following 3 years (total duration of the voucher 3 years + 3 years = 6 years). It will be sent by email in pdf format - as soon as the purchase is completed - to the email address indicated. It can be printed and delivered to the recipient in paper format or otherwise forwarded to the latter always by email.

  • How to use the RSE ITALY Gift voucher?

    At the time of  purchase, you will be asked by the system if you have a gift voucher. In this case, simply click on the corresponding box, follow the instructions by entering the voucher code, and automatically the final price will be discounted.  NOTE: If the gift voucher is used for something inferior than its value, change won't be provided.


  • Is it requiered a specif age to drive the supercars?

    Anyone can drive RSE Italia Supercars. It is sufficient to have a driving license B. No deposit is required. Just accept the rules, follow the theoretical instructions, and apply the safety rules dictated by the instructors. If, on the other hand, the beneficiary of the service does not have a driving license, he will always be able to experience the thrilling experience as a passenger-co-driver, sitting next to one of our professional pilots (the cost of the service is the same).

  • The participant is very tall and/or strong, can he/she drive the car?

    Yes but not more than 77 of height and 253 lb of weight. It is required to give notification of such a thing at the moment of the performance so that it will possible to suggest the best supercar for the participant.


  • Is it possible to change a purchased or received as a gift package?

    Packages can always be changed. They are equal to the corresponding amount of money so, it is possible to change them even by paying the difference if chosing a more expensive package. (for example a different car or a different number of laps).


  • Can I make a secure online purchase? And which payment methods are accepted?

    Purchases will be completed online in a few minutes (with immediate release of the RSE Italy Voucher in PDF format) by choosing the preferred payment method from those proposed and precisely: 1) credit card, with reference to the NEXI secure purchase page connected to the main circuits of payment; 2) bank transfer, with immediate sending to the e-mail address of all the summary data of the purchase and the details for making the payment; 3) PayPal, absolutely safe, controlled and cutting-edge technology through which you can buy by credit card or prepaid cards: all, even if you do not have a PayPal account or a PayPal account. In any case, the transaction will take place simply by proceeding as an "unregistered user" and manually entering the data of your payment card. 

    The American Express credit card is only accepted for payments through the PayPal circuit.

  • If I am making a gift should I use my personal details or those of the recipient?

    If you want to make a gift, when creating the order you must select the "It's a gift" option. Below you will enter the data of the person is buying the Voucher and in the second box the data of the person to whom you want to make the Voucher as a gift. In any case, the Voucher will be sent in PDF format always and only to the email address of the person who is buying the Voucher and never to the recipient's email address. The RSE Italy Voucher is a "nominative" and not a "bearer" title / right, so the experience can only be lived by the person to whom the Voucher is made out.


  • How are the gift card and the voucher RSE Italia delivered ?

    Once you have completed a purchase, if you have paid by credit card or Paypal, you will receive by mail a voucher or gift certificate in pdf format. You will be able to print it and give it to the beneficiary or send it to the beneficiary by mail. If you pay by bank transfer, the voucher or gift certificate will be sent only after the payment has been received. It is recommended to send to info@rseitalia.it a copy of the receipt of the bank transfer. In any case from Monday to Friday (09.00 am - 08.00 pm), Saturday (10.00 am - 01.00 pm and 02.30 pm - 07.30 pm) after your purchase purchase the Customer will be contacted by RSE Italia operators who will be available for any clarification.  If required, the voucher or gift certificate will be sent in paper format with the postal service at no additional cost,  but RSE Italia won't be responsible for delays on deliveries.


  • I have to buy a last minute gift and RSE Italiais closed, how can I buy a gift certificate or voucher?

    Even on closing time and on holiday it will be possible for the customer to complete their purchase, paying by Credit Card or Paypal. He/She will receive the voucher purchased in PDF format through e-mail. Then you can send by e-email the voucher to the recipient or print and send it to the recipient. If you pay by bank transfer you have to send the receipt to info@rseitalia.it this way the voucher will be sent to you even faster also during the holydays! RSE Italia website is active every day of the year!


  • If the recipient doesn't like my choice can I change the name of the recipient or the car or the racetrack?

    Yes of course. It is always possible to give the voucher or the gift certificate to someone else. Possibly, once chosen the date, the changing of the name must be communicated to the management of RSE Italy before the date itself. To change the racetrack or the car just give notice by mail. Moreover, it is always possible for the beneficiary to pay a difference to purchase more expensive packages. There are no refunds instead for changes with cheaper packages.


  • Can I buy the service camera car on the circuit?

    Yes, but we can't guarantee that the camera car service is available the day of the experience. It is better to select it at the moment of purchase of the package on www.rseitalia.it.


  • Are there additional costs, in addition to the amount already paid for the Gift Voucher?

    The recipient of the benefit will not have to pay anything else to live his experience. The voucher covers all expenses: insurance, gasoline, access to the track and no deposit needs to be paid. It can happen sometimes that the racetrack requires a variable entry ticket (about 3 or 4 Euros per person). But it rarely happens, and RSE Italia isn't responsible.


  • How can I book the date of my experience?

    RSE Italia has a calendar full of dates, mostly fixed on Saturdays and on Sundays, or at least on holidays. The dates are published on the website www.rseitalia.it in the calendar section: https://www.rseitalia.co.uk/calendario.asp and are constantly updated. To book, the customer has to simply send an e-mail expressing the date of interest at info@rseitalia.it. By phone, it will be possible to arrange the details and it will be provided assistance for the selection. It is recommended to book in advance to make sure to have a place reserved for the chosen date (some tracks and certain supercar are more in demand than others).

    NOTE: Presence must always be confirmed through email even if you have a voucher with the date already fixed.

  • How much time do I have to book?

    The customer will have to book the performance before the expiration of the voucher. It is recommended to choose the date in advance. Sometimes a month in advance may not be enough. This, however doesn't exclude the possibility of finding a place even the day before. It is advisable to book as soon as possible after the selection of the date.


  • Is it possible to choose the time?

    Unfortunately this is not possible. Time can't be chosen by the customer but it will be established by RSE Italy according to the availability of the racetrack and to the technical requirements of the course of the performance.


  • Once chosen the date can I change it afterwards?

    The Customer can change the date of the reservation exclusively with a notification of at least 30 days before of what has been previously confirmed. If the customer has purchased the option "change date" he/she could give a notification of changing the date 48 before the date of the event. The customer could choose the new date within the following 6 months. If the customer hasn't purchased the change date option he/she has to send a notification of cancellation to RSE Italy 30 days before the event by e-mail.


  • What is the date change option until 48h?

    The "Change date up to 48 hours before" option that can be added to the order during its creation (optional options list) allows you to change a reservation already made, for one time only, within 48 hours from the chosen date, without losing the right to experience. It is recommended for those who may have family or work unexpected events that would not allow the presentation to the event to live the experience. Just give notice to RSE Italy up to 48 hours before the chosen date, and you can immediately move the experience to another date among those available or request registration later, but within the time limit of a further 6 months (regardless of the original deadline of the Voucher).
    NOTE: In the absence of this optional option, the right to change the reservation is in any case granted - once only - but with a minimum notice of 30 days with respect to the booked date.

  • Without the "date change until 48H" option, if I want to change the date I can do it anyway?

    The customer will have the possibility to change the chosen date giving a notification at least 30 days before the event and the reason is simple: a reservation has been made. That's why there's the changing date option with which it is possible to move the reservation up to 48 hours before the date previously selected. Without this option if the customer doesn't give notification of cancellation 30 days before the event he/she will lose the performance.


  • I missed the date of the performance. Is my voucher lost?

    Yes, unfortunately unless you have the change date option. In such case it will possible to change the date and the time of the booking (just once) giving a notification 48 h before the chosen day.


  • What do you do in case of bad weather and how dose the rain insurance work?

    RSE Italia offers its customers the "Rain Insurance" as a gift. However, rain in and of itself is not a certain reason for cancellation and will not prevent you from having an unforgettable and safe experience. The activity will therefore take place even in case of bad weather unless the weather conditions are such as to endanger the safety of the participants. In this case, i.e. in the event of total impracticability of the circuit and closure of the same by the track management, or in the event that the staff of RSE Italia deems the conditions of the track unsafe, with the rain insurance the activities will be postponed to the first useful date and recovered. The customer will not lose anything. Furthermore, the rain insurance will not expire and will be valid again also for subsequent dates to which the experience has been postponed.
    NOTE: In any case, it is mandatory to show up on the circuit (if you do not want to lose the experience) on the date and time established even in case of rain or bad weather, unless you have received a prior communication by email from the management by RSE Italia to cancel the event due to bad weather (reasonably expected after careful monitoring of the main meteorological sources). Conversely, the right to benefit will be lost. Rain insurance will in no case entitle the participant to choose whether or not to show up on the track due to presumed bad weather, or to refuse to drive. This evaluation, for safety reasons, is left only to RSE Italy which, obviously, has the safety of the participants as its absolute priority.


  • My voucher is expiring. What can I do?

    In case the voucher is expiring the customer will have to make a purchase before the expiration of it (12 months since its issue date). The booking will also be possible on the day which preceeds the expiration of the Voucher.


  • My gift certificate is expiring. What can I do?

    In the event that the expiry date of the Gift Voucher is approaching, the customer must necessarily purchase a Voucher for a driving experience on the track from www.rseitalia.it.

    N.b. Once expired, the gift voucher discount code is deactivated and it can no longer be used.

    Each Gift Voucher, however, has an extension right that can be applied and applied only once (before expiration) to extend its validity for another 12 months compared to the original expiration date.


  • After booking, will you contact me for details of the experience? (Arrival time, meeting place etc. etc.)

    Approximately 5/7 days. before the event the customer will receive an email with all the necessary information, the precise time in which going to the track, the meeting point and the phone numbers of the Staff of RSE Italy assistance. Nothing will be left to chance, and the Customer will be followed with care and attention all the time.


  • How does the activity take place?

    Once arrived on the racetrack the customer will be asked to register at the RSE Italia track staff with the driving licence. Once registered, the customer will participate to the theoretical course.Then, the custumer will take a reconnaissance ride of the track with a pilot.It will be possible for the customer to ask all the questions and will be possible to understand how the circuit is made. After the reconnaissance lap the customer will take the wheel of the RSE Italia cars. We remind you that the 1 lap activities (the Customer can buy more consecutive laps according to their preferences) are to be understood as in and out, so entry to the track from the pit-lane, mileage of the lap and stop of the guide exiting the track using the entrance lane to pits. At the end of the experience there will be the delivery of the video of the guide (if purchased) of the certificate of participation and for the duration of the experience you can enjoy the open bar of RSE Italy based on sweet and savory snacks, juices and drinks. Alcohol consumption is prohibited by law.

  • What are the reconnaissance laps and what is its service free?

    Reconnaissance laps are laps made as a passenger on a shuttle driven by a pilot who will explain the circuit. The co-pilot ride on the shuttle will also be offered to one (only one) of any accompanying persons for whom the "Sharing experience with friends" service has been purchased. In any case, at the end of the day and if there is still time available, the participants who have decided to stay at the racetrack, and also their possible companion, will be able to enjoy an exciting free ride as a co-driver aboard one of the supercars. It is a tribute that at the end of the single day of driving on the track RSE Italia has the custom to offer to its customers. NOTE: It is not a guaranteed service.

  • What are the treated topics during the theoretical session?

    Whatever is the level of competence of the customer, RSE Italy co-pilots will teach the techniques of driving which allow to use the strenght of the car safely. Position of the left foot drive / control / use of the steering wheel / specificity of the cars / gear management and centrifugal power / mass transfers / force / trajectories / braking and acceleration / entry and output techniques in curves, use the manual gearbox if the car is equipped with it.


  • Are there special conditions for carrying out the activity (driving license, medical certificates, special clothing)?

    All activities performed as a driver of supercars require the possession of a category B driving licence regardless of the date on which it was issued. However, there must not be any specific limitations in the driving licence that require specific adaptations to supercars. Comfortable clothing is recommended and closed-toe shoes are required for driving, preferably with smooth rubberized (not hard) soles. RSE Italia will supply gloves, helmet, under disposable helmet and anything else that may be useful for the experience.

  • How much does the experience last?

    Each drive test lasts approximately 2 hours. It is recommended that the customer considers the possibiliy of spending the entire morning/afternoon in the circuit. This happens, not because RSE Italy dilays the times but because the whole experience has to be lived with the necessary serenity to fully enjoy it.


  • Is it possible to buy the experience as passenger?

    Yes of course. If for example you don't have a driving licence or you want to give the experience to someone who doesn't drive (or you want to buy it for yourself) the customer will be able to choose at the time of driving if being a passenger by the side of RSE Italy co-pilots.


  • Can people under 18 live the experience as passengers?

    Yes of course. Even if, depending on the racetracks and on the days, rules about the access to the circuits as passengers of people under 18 could change. For example in certain circuits or on certain days people under a certain age couldn't be admitted. For this reason, it is necessary to inquire in advance at RSE Italia about the possibility of making minors live the passenger experience. Obviously It will be necessary of course that people under a certain age are accompained by a parent at least who can fill in the forms about the discharge of responsibilities.


  • Can (children / adults / pets) come with me?

    Can I be accompanied by friends on the track? Yes. And as we will explain later, there is no limit to the number of accompanying. Just purchase the "share the experience with friends" service, selecting the number of accompanying persons you wish to enter the racetrack when purchasing. The accompanying will be able to access the RSE Italia box, take photos, follow the briefing, use the open bar (it is not a catering and for health reasons only sweet and savory snacks, juices and soft drinks are provided). In addition, even one companion (only one) will be able to make the circuit exploration and explanation tour as a passenger on the service shuttle (9-seater Van). Moreover, at the end of the test drive day (THEN AT THE END OF THE DAY, NORMALLY AT SUNSET), the beneficiary of the experience and also an accompanying person (one only) may request to make an exciting co-driver ride in one of the supercars ( not by choice but by chance). This service is not guaranteed, but is offered free of charge (if time remains available) if the staffs of RSE Italia believes that the conditions exist to provide it to those who remained at the racetrack until the end of the event.

    The co-pilot ride on the shuttle will therefore also be provided to one (only one) of any accompanying persons for whom the experience sharing service was purchased EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE WEBSITE www.rseitalia.it and together with the guide package. In any case, at the end of each day of activity on the track, the participants who have decided to stay at the racetrack and also one of their companions (only one) and provided that they have the experience sharing service previously purchased EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE WEBSITE www. rseitalia.it in one and at the same time as the driving package, will be able to enjoy an exciting free co-driver ride on board the chosen supercar. It is customary for RSE Italia to offer this service free of charge upon closing test drives and to customers still present at the racetrack, provided that this is not actually impossible for reasons of time and space. RSE Italia, therefore, will evaluate from time to time the conditions for the provision of this free service. N.B. It is not a guaranteed service neither for the beneficiary of the guide nor for the companion. IT IS FURTHER STATED THAT the purchase directly on the track (or in any case separately from the guide package and therefore not at the same time, but at a later time, even before coming on the track) of the experience sharing service with friends NEVER gives right to receive the eventual gift of the ride in the supercar or in the service shuttle. In addition, by purchasing the experience sharing service with friends directly on the track, or in any case after the purchase of the guide package, the price will be € 25.00 for each individual person.

    WE REPEAT: by buying the sharing service separately from the guide package (therefore after purchasing it, both before coming on the track and directly on the track) the price is € 25.00 per person and you are not entitled to any free ride in supercar at the end of the day or to the reconnaissance by shuttle. MOREOVER, IT IS CLEAR THAT IN SOME CIRCUIT THE MINORS CANNOT BE ADMITTED TO RIDE THE CIRCUIT. Generally, minors are EXCLUDED from the circuits of primary importance such as Mugello, Imola, Vallelunga, Misano, Franciacorta and similars. For the complete list of racetracks from which minors are excluded, contact RSE Italia.



    Children under the age of 12 are admitted if accompanied and on condition of being under the CONSTANT supervision of an adult. MINORS UP TO 8 YEARS DO NOT PAY, provided that there are no more than 2 for each driver. Exceeding the number of 2 will pay full price. We do not recommend bringing children under the age of two year to the track for obvious reasons of safety, noise and climatic conditions. Pets are allowed on circuits only if they are small in size and if kept on a leash and muzzled. There is no need to report the name of the companions in advance. It is always possible (but very rare) that the direction of the circuit requires the entrance ticket to the structure of the variable cost of about 4 or 5 euros per person. This is out of the control and skills of Rse Italia which offers carers with the "share the experience with friends" service access to their spaces, their boxes, and participation in the various activities and services, including the open bar.

  • Can companions come with me in the car or with who has to drive?

    No, because RSE Italy supercars are two-seater: there's a seat for the instructor and another one for the participant. If you purchase the "sharing with friends experience", they can take pictures in front of the cars and sitting in the cars. They can join the briefing and the cafè. If there's the recoinassance shuttle and if its service is available, one partner will be able to take an exploration tour of the circuit as passenger. Also, at the end of the drive test day, the recipient of the experience and a partner could request to take a ride as co-pilot on board of a supercar. Such service is not guaranteed but it will be given for free (if there's time) if the racetrack management thinks there are the conditios to give it to the people who are in the circuit. 

  • Can we eat on the track?

    Yes of course every circuit has a cafè. RSE Italy offers its customers a reception with drinks, juices and snacks that will be available to the recipient of the experience and as well as for the companions (max. 2 and provided that the service "sharing with friends experience" was purchased) , for the entire duration of the event.


  • Will I have a memory of my experience on the track?

    The driver will receive a beautiful parchment as certificate of participation and a comfortable backpack as free gift (the backpack only for purchases starting from € 99,00). Two pretty objects: the former to be proudly exhibited at home or in the garage and the latter to be used for work or free time. RSE Italy wants to give their customers tangible memories of an unforgettable experience.

  • How frequently are the dates of the calendar updated?

    The RSE Italia calendar is constantly updated, with dates even prior to as well as subsequent to those already indicated. As soon as new ski rental contracts are concluded (days always in total exclusive RSE Italy), the events calendar will be immediately updated and made available for consultation on the page https://www.rseitalia.co.uk/calendario.asp .


  • What are the Track Days of RSE Italia?

    RSE Italia offers the possibility, on certain dates and racetracks, to access the track with your own Supercar in the Open Pit-Lane formula by paying a fee that will be reported by the operators by email (info@rseitalia.it). For all the specifications and conditions of provision of this service, it is necessary to contact the Company by writing an email to info@rseitalia.it.


  • If I buy a single ride will the recipient of the benefit cover the main straight exit from the pit lane?

    A single lap is considered as in and out which means access to the track and exit t the pits, and according to the physiognomy of the circuit this could result in not passing on the pit straight, but the passage through a part of the same lane box.


  • Are damage insurance included( CDW, Liability Insurance)?

    RSE Italy supercars are all covered by CDW and Liability Insurance. The customer, however, must always respect the safety regulations issued by the co-pilot, as anyone is always responsible, both from a civil and a penal point of view, of the damages caused by reckless behaviour.