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Terms and conditions of use

RSE Italia, for any technical and / or managerial impossibility, will be able to cancel and / or move appointments at any time. Likewise, the ongoing experience may be suspended and / or canceled for any obstruction that obstructs the continuation (for example: adverse weather conditions, car failure, track closure, impractical circuitry, and similar). In such cases, the Customer will be offered the same performance on another date and / or circuit as soon as available. The new date and / or circuit will be agreed by Rse Italia and the Customer. In any case, as a result of any cancellation of the selected day, the customer's voucher duration will be automatically extended and will therefore be valid for 12 months from the canceled event. For canceling and / or moving and / or sudden interruption of driving experience (also due to circuit break), no refund will be provided but only the performance (or part of it) that is actually unavailable. All this, on other day and / or track fixed by mutual agreement between the customer and RSE Italy.
RSE Italia for its own technical and / or management reasons may decide, depending on the dates scheduled, not to bring some models of its supercar on the track. Customer who has then selected a car not available on the day booked for driving will be offered an equivalent or superior category (no extra charge). In all above mentioned cases, in addition to no entitlement to any refund, the Customer will not be able to claim, at any rate, the refreshment of RSE Italia for expenses such as for hotels, flights, trains, restaurants and the like, nor the repayment of lost time and / or so-called non-pecuniary damage related to the failure to enjoy the purchased package on the set day. In all cases of experience recovery, the customer's package (or the unused portion of it) will be converted into any other available service on the RSE Italia site, having regard to the economic value of the unused package that will be decommissioned from the cost of driving experience as a substitute. The customer, when choosing a higher price package than the one paid, will be required to pay the difference to RSE Italia. Otherwise, you will not be able to claim any reimbursement for the quota you may not enjoy.
In case of rain (or similar meteorological conditions) such that the circuit is suddenly closed by the track direction, or in the case where RSE Italia's exclusive judgment does not meet the safety conditions for driving in a racing car, A customer who is provided with 'Rain Insurance' will be able to retrieve the experience within 6 months and the first useful and subsequent date communicated by RSE Italia. Conversely, without such insurance, you must board the car as a co-pilot and complete the passenger guide without any right to any refund. In the event that the direction of the circuit has the sudden shutdown for bad weather, if the rain is covered, the customer will lose the right to any further performance.
It will also happen if, due to bad weather, the date is canceled in advance by RSE Italia or by the direction of the racecourse. In any case, the assessment of the feasibility or impracticability of the circuit in bad weather is the sole responsibility of RSE Italia. In any case, the rainfall insurance will not entitle the participant to choose whether or not to appear on the track for alleged bad weather or to refuse to drive. This assessment is only for RSE ITALIA for security reasons, which, of course, has as absolute priority the safety of the participants. Rain insurance does not expire, and it also applies to subsequent dates which may have been postponed. RSE Italia may interrupt the trial in the event of negligence and failure to comply with the instructions given by the co-pilot. Experience will be considered completed, and no refund will be provided. The client must be accompanied by valid driving license B.
The customer exempts and relieves RSE Italia from any fault and / or liability for any accidents and personal injury and / or personal injury that he himself may have reported during the driving experience, either by pilot or by co-pilot, by abandoning (both in its own right, for any eventuality: eg heirs) to any liability or damages to RSE Italia and / or third parties who make the vehicles used to carry out the driving experience to any extent available. The customer exempts and relieves RSE Italia of any fault and / or liability for any accidents and damages which, while he himself was driving the car during his experience, caused the car and parts of the vehicle, parts and parts of the same, as well as third parties.
The customer, provided with the 'date change option' service, in the event of his own impediment, may move the experience (once) and retrieve it on another date and within 6 months, provided that the notice has been communicated by mail or fax to RSE Italy at least 48 hours before the chosen day for driving. Without the date change option, once it has been set, the Customer will only be able to move it with a notice of at least 30 days compared to the booked one. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to move it and, if you do not see it in the racecourse on the scheduled day, you will lose the right to receive the benefit.
Driving time can not be chosen by the customer, but will be fixed by RSE Italia based on the availability of the track and the technical requirements for carrying out the test drive.