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A driving course as a gift for you or whoever you want with one of our champions


We give you a fast or safe driving course of your choice with one of our champions.

As a gift for you or for those you want (combined with the package you buy) an extraordinary experience to discover the secrets and learn to drive like the great racing champions.

You will ride on the track together with our fabulous supercars, which you can admire and - if so - decide to drive.

One of our champions will dedicate himself to you, in one of the circuits of your choice, on the legendary AUDI RS6 AVANT.

How to join:

Buy one of these packages of your choice (for yourself or whoever you want) and send an email to to request - in combination with the package itself - the free driving course.

The duration of the course and the number of laps will depend on the package you purchase. The number of laps of each package varies according to the chosen track. (Read the specifications in each package).

The date and the track will be chosen directly by you or by the recipient of the gift (among those present in the TRACKS AND DATES section of our site) after you have bought the package, simply by sending us an email. In the same booking email, also ask us for the free driving course, to be carried out in conjunction with the use of the package purchased.

ATTENTION: the number of laps you do will depend exclusively on the package you buy. The free driving course does not change or increase the number of laps you will do, which will be exactly those provided in your package.

The free driving course is a unique opportunity to receive as a gift - in combination with the laps purchased - the availability of a instructor who will dedicate himself to you with precious explanations and advice. The duration of the theoretical explanations will obviously be proportionate to the spins you have bought.

During the course we will give you all the necessary equipment and a certificate of participation.

Each package purchased (and the related complimentary course) is valid for over three years.

For more info write to or call us at the number +39 06 62286756.