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Franciacorta Exclusive



RSE Italia always proposes you only the best! The racetrack of Franciacorta will allow you to make the most of our super cars. We have defined for our customers an exclusive agreement on this circuit, which we believe to be one of the best for the activity of driving experience in Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Alfa Quadrifoglio and GT in general.

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In particular we have found substantial differences that lead us to prefer Franciacorta, despite of other circuits and precisely:

  1. The Franciacorta Racetrack are located in the centre of Lombardia and benefits from a easier linking (including the BreBeMi motorway) that allows you to reach the circuit in the shortest time.
  2. The area of Franciacorta offers you and your guests so many attractions and turistics places (to name a few, famous all over the world: enogastronomic routed and proximity to Lago di Garda).
  3. Climate statistics suggest that, even in the colder months, the track is often workable and fit.
  4. The type of system (FIA approved, FMI, ACI-CSAI for high-level competitions), reaches critical speeds (even over 250 km / h) and especially the tracks are easily stored by the pilot, even if it is a beginner one.
  5. The brand new asphalt helps tackle, and the large, modern escape routes make the track very safe .
  6. The autodrome have numerous infrastructure including Kart outdoors and indoors, restaurants, grocery stores, bar-pub, mechanic service shops, ample receptive and recreational facilities very child-friendly too . This allows you to visit the system at all times of the year in maximum comfort, in particular referring to Franciacorta .
  7. Other companies, although they no longer have access to the Franciacorta's circuit for driving experience with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Alfa Quadrifoglio and other GT (thanks to our exclusive) continue to include this wonderful track for the driving with different vehicle types, preferring for their own characteristics.

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